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Management Philosophy

Generating recognition of

FM among senior management.

While many FM functional groups have yet to succeed at getting senior management acceptance or basic understanding of the strategic potential of facilities, at least the FM professionals know that doing so is one of their most important priorities.
Adapting to new ways of

working/alternate workplace strategies.

it involves developing new workspace designs, overcoming management resistance to new programs and policies, and achieving the broader changes in organisational culture required to gain acceptance across the entire workforce.
Attracting and developing

FM professionals.

Recruiting younger workers to enter the field is increasingly difficult, and there are also concerns that many junior FM specialists are deficient in the basic skills required for success. The deficiencies mentioned most frequently were quantitative analytic capabilities, team leadership, establishing effective personal relationships, and listening/ communication skills.
Carving out enough time for

strategic thinking and longer-term planning.

The real-time nature of FM means that day-to-day operations almost always take precedence, crises must always be addressed immediately, and the urgent all too often drives out the important.
Working with service providers.
the facilities industry is highly dependent on external service providers of all kinds, and that dependence is growing rapidly. the first year of engagement with a new service provider is always particularly challenging, and we believe those first-year experiences are consuming many FM executives’ time and attention.
Achieving sustainability goals.
we believe FM should be more about ‘sustainability’ and not just about cost reduction. Sustainability is becoming more relevant for international companies no matter where they are based - especially as the benefits are commercialized. FM should be ‘attached’ to Sustainability and the Environmental/Green part of the business, as it is focused on operating more energy efficiently. FM is more related to Sustainability than CRE.